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TALi's attention training program includes two apps: TALi APP and TALi TRAIN


1. Complete your child's initial assessment

Ask your child to complete an attention assessment via TALi APP. This will assess your child's current attention skills, through 6 game-based activities that are lots of fun! It's FREE for a limited time:

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2. Sign-up for TALi TRAIN

After your child has completed the attention assessment, you can sign-up them up to TALi's second app, TRAIN, for ₹999.  This includes 25 activities that will improve your child’s attention and learning. Simply sign-up via the results screen inside the TALi App you downloaded in Step 1.

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3. Complete weekly activities

Once you've signed up, help your child to start TALi TRAIN's activities. Just complete a few short "game-based" activities each week and they'll soon begin achieving more, every day!

Attention skills are learned in early childhood

A child's brain is fundamentally shaped during the ages of 3-8 years. If your child is between these ages, now is the time to start using TALi.

Download TALi's app to strengthen your child’s attention.

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Excel at building and maintaining relationships

Give your child the vital skills needed to form relationships and adapt in social situations, with exercises that encourage control of impulses.

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Improve attention and numeracy skills

Support your child to focus on activities they may not naturally find engaging or stimulating, using exercises that use repetition of game-based tasks.

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Early intervention to support development

Start training during early childhood, a crucial time when your child’s brain is most actively forming new neural pathways and connections.

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Brighten your child’s future, today

By helping strengthen your child’s attention at the peak of their development, you gift them every chance at academic success and employability.

What parents are saying

According to a TALi survey, 93% of parents noticed improvements in inattentive or hyperactive behaviour in their child after using TALi attention apps.


My son uses an iPad well so enjoyed the TALi program. It helped him to concentrate and he really like the games – they kept him entertained and provided an educational experience. He wants to do the program again! I trust TALi and would recommend the app to other parents.

— Harshat

I downloaded the TALi program after reading about it in the Times of India newspaper. I wanted to help my child to sit and concentrate. It’s a nice program for kids and delivers rapid results compared to other apps in the market. I have shared the TALi program with other parents.

— Deepti

Do one thing for your child

Gift your child a better future by enrolling your child in TALi's scientifically validated apps. You'll see benefits in as little as five weeks.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of devices are compatible with TALi?

TALi 's app can be installed on devices with Android OS 8.1+ (Oreo) or iOS 8.0+, or on a more recent version of either operating system. You can review our full device support list here.

Should my child complete the TALi assessment app before starting the TALi TRAIN app?

It is recommended that your child complete an attention assessment before starting TALi TRAIN. By completing the attention assessment first, you will be able to compare your child’s attention skills before and after completing the TRAIN Attention activities. 

What are the benefits of the TALi TRAIN attention activities for my child?

TRAIN is a world-first app to train attention skills in early childhood. Research has shown that this type of training is linked to several immediate and long-term benefits, including improved academic performance, social skills, general wellbeing and employment skills later in life. You can read more about the scientific research here.

What scientific research has TALi completed to validate its early childhood attention programs?

TALi's products are based on 20+ years of research that has been conducted at Australian universities. Researchers at these universities have validated TALi using the gold standard of scientific research. To see a summary of the findings visit our Science & Research page.

How do I access TRAIN?

You'll need to purchase the TRAIN upgrade via the TALi app.  The upgrade option is available after your child has completed the first 6 games on the report screen. Once you have purchased the upgrade, please download the TALi TRAIN app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

How long will it take my child to complete TRAIN?

TRAIN involves 25 cognitive attention training sessions spread over five weeks. Each session will take your child approximately 20 minutes to complete. You might find it helpful to start TRAIN at the beginning of a week to establish a routine and keep your child on track.

What can I do to help my child complete the TRAIN activities?

TRAIN uses repetition game-based activities to strengthen the neural pathways responsible for attention skills. This repetition can make some children start to become disinterested towards the middle of the program. Here are some tips to help keep your child engaged.

  • Incorporate TRAIN into a weekly schedule along with school, extracurricular activities, playdates and chores.
  • Complete TRAIN sessions at a consistent time each day, and avoid times when your child may be hungry or tired (e.g. after playing sport or at the end of the day).
  • Find ways to incentivise TRAIN – choose rewards that are appropriate to your child.
    Discuss the benefits of TRAIN with your child and the ways in which it can help them to learn and connect with others (e.g. through enhanced creativity, talking and playing with friends, co-operating with other children, etc.).
  • Sit with your child and provide encouragement while they are completing TRAIN sessions – being involved can also help you to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

What can I do to ensure my child continues with their attention gains?

In the weeks and months after completing TRAIN, your child’s core attention skills will continue to develop with practice. Here are some recommendations for getting the most out of the program.

  • Continue to foster family involvement and a sense of achievement in your child with praise and positive reinforcement.
  • Complete regular activities about 3–5 times a week to practice different aspects of attention.
  • Gradually increase the demands of these activities over the following months. For example, encourage your child to read or complete puzzles, and then extend the time spent on these tasks by a few minutes each month.

What kind of devices are compatible with TALi?

TALi 's apps are designed to be delivered via Android OS 8.1 (Oreo) or iOS 8.0, or on a more recent version of either operating system. You can review our full device support list here.

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Browse our frequently asked questions for more information about our apps, setting up your child's account, and how to get the most out of TALi's Attention Assessment and Training.