Testing your child's attention is easy


Download the TALi app

Visit the Play Store or App Store to download the TALi app — FREE for a limited time.


Create your child's profile

Add your child’s details to the app and create their profile.

Complete the attention test

Complete your child's TALi attention test

Support your child to finish the six fun and engaging assessment games.

View your child's report

View your child's report

Receive your child’s personalised attention report, including their attention performance and game scores.

Consider signing your child up for TALi's attention improvement class.



Help your child’s learning potential

TALi offers an interactive way to understand your child’s attention skills and use training to develop their unique cognitive needs which are vital to their learning capabilities. Here’s what to do:


1. Complete attention test

Download the TALi app and let your child complete 6 fun game-based activities for 20 minutes. Use the personalised report to see if they need to strengthen their attention with TALi TRAIN - our attention improvement program that you can upgrade to at anytime.

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2. Sign up to attention course

Improve your child’s attention with TALi TRAIN app, our five-week attention strengthening program, featuring interactive training games. You can regularly check in on their progress and compare their improvements at the end with a final assessment.


3. Achieve more, every day

TALi's apps are proven to improve early childhood attention, with results evident months after completion. 

We offer a package that includes both apps (TALi App + TALi TRAIN App) which can be purchased through the Parent Portal

TALi offers a complete solution to help your child

Both apps are designed to work with each other

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    TALi App
    Child Attention Test

    • Play 6 engaging games that challenge your child’s attention.
    • Receive a personalised report, recommendations and next steps.
    • Discover how their attention skills are developing against their peers.
    • FREE for your first child

    Attention Training Activities

    • Improve your child’s attention in just 5 weeks
    • Contains 25 scientifically designed games that will improve attention
    • Enhance their academic and social skills
    • Track improvements with personalised reports and scoring
    • Backed by 20+ years of research at Australian University

What parents are saying

According to a TALi survey, 93% of parents noticed improvements in inattentive or hyperactive behaviour in their child after completing the TALi attention assessment and training program.


My son uses an iPad well so enjoyed the TALi program. It helped him to concentrate and he really like the games – they kept him entertained and provided an educational experience. He wants to do the program again! I trust TALi and would recommend the app to other parents.

— Harshat

I downloaded the TALi program after reading about it in the Times of India newspaper. I wanted to help my child to sit and concentrate. It’s a nice program for kids and delivers rapid results compared to other apps in the market. I have shared the TALi program with other parents.

— Deepti

Do one thing for your children

Make sure that you take a free attention test for your child with the TALi App. 
Download the TALi App today and gift your children the tools they need to succeed.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the recommended age for TALi?

TALi’s products are designed for children aged 3-8 years. Our algorithms have been calibrated specifically for children in this age group. Please also keep in mind that the themes and graphics for TALi will appeal the most to children in this age group.

What devices are compatible with TALi?

The TALi app is designed to be delivered via Android OS 8.1 (Oreo) or iOS 8.0, or on a more recent version of either operating system. You can review our full device support list here.

What scientific research has TALi completed to validate its early childhood attention programs?

TALi's products are based on 20+ years of research that has been conducted at Australian universities. Researchers at these universities have validated TALi’s program using the gold standard of scientific research. To see a summary of the findings visit our Science & Research page.

What will the TALi attention assessment tell me about my child?

The TALi attention assessment is a clinically tested, game-based app for assessing your child’s attention skills. Once your child completes the 20-minute assessment, you will receive a personalised report that will help you to understand how your child’s attention skills are developing relative to other children of the same age and gender. It will also highlight areas of attention that may benefit from additional support.

How long will it take my child to complete the TALi attention assessment?

The TALi attention assessment involves six games that will take your child approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please allow additional time to download and set up the app, and to check that all exercises are complete once your child has finished. This last step will help to ensure that you receive an accurate assessment.

What are some tips for helping my child complete the assessment?

  • Choose a room that is quiet and free from distractions and set your child up in a comfortable chair.
  • Place the device close to your child’s dominant hand and check that they don’t have to hold or reach for the device.
  • Have your child wear headphones and turn up the volume to a comfortable level.
  • Close all other apps, disable notifications and switch your device to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.
  • Remind your child to only use one hand to respond to the exercises.
  • Allow 20 minutes to complete the assessment without interruptions.
  • Remember that this is your child’s assessment, so provide plenty of encouragement so they can do each module by themselves.

Should I help my child during the assessment?

Apart from ensuring your child understands each game's instructions, you should leave your child to complete the assessment by themselves. This will help to ensure an accurate assessment of their attention.

At the end of the six games, they will be instructed to give the app back to a parent, so that the parents can view their results and any recommendations.

When will I receive my child’s assessment results?

Straight away! Once your child has completed their attention assessment, you will be able to view their results within the app. To gain access, you will be asked to solve a simple equation to verify that you’re an adult. You will also receive a PDF version of your child’s personalised attention report via email.

How do I enrol my child into the TALi attention training program?

Once your child has completed their assessment in the TALi Assessment App, you will be given the option to purchase TRAIN. TRAIN costs ₹999 per child, which involves attention training sessions spread over five weeks (5 sessions per week).

To enrol your child in the TALi TRAIN program:

  1. Download the TALi app and have your child complete the first 6 games
  2. Next, navigate to the Report screen in the TALi app and then follow the prompts to purchase the TRAIN attention training upgrade.
  3. Once you have successfully purchased TRAIN, you will be emailed instructions on how to get started!