How a child's attention skills can help them with their online classes

14 Jun 20213-minute read
TALi's remote learning will help your child

The last year has truly transformed how we look at education and what kids have to gain from it. Once restricted to the traditional classroom set-up, with rigid rules, the push to turn towards e-learning has helped schools and organisations become much more flexible in their approach.

Online classes have made it safer for kids to continue learning new things and opened up conversations on the future of education and schooling in India. And if experts and industry buzz are to be believed, we are heading towards a much more fluid hybrid learning system. E-learning will continue to be the foundation of this new system. Therefore, it is more important than ever to understand what your kids need to be comfortable to ace their education in this ever-evolving system. While parents have been striving to do their best to understand what their kids need, the key to acing this lies in paying attention to your kids’ attention needs.

Understanding the link between attention & learning
For the longest time, attention has only been seen as the ability to focus on things. And while this is an integral part that defines it, there is much more to it. Attention is the key that helps everyone grasp what they are focusing on, remember it, and, most importantly, filter out things that are not important. This is especially crucial for online learning since the internet is riddled with distractions at every step.

While teachers and parents have been developing newer tools that can help kids sustain their attention, virtually; the key to actually helping kids learn better online is understanding their attention skills and the simple steps you can take to help them be better learners. The biggest challenge that children continue to struggle with is the inability to stay focussed through long classes, through a screen. The rising screentime that comes with online learning has also been known to affect kids’ attention skills.

What you need to know about your kids’ attention skills

While attention is such a layered subject, there are various tools available that make it easier for parents and teachers to understand better what works for different students. All kids are different, and their areas of interest differ and so does their ability to focus. A deeper comprehension of their attention skills is the key. Organisations like TALi have been striving to make this process as easy and reliable as possible.

Backed by decades of research on attention and skill development, TALi recently entered India to help parents understand their kids and what works for them better. In addition to giving you a detailed assessment of your child’s attention skills, TALi also has various tools to improve these skills, including a 5-week TRAIN program that helps kids improve these skills.


The TALi assessment and TRAIN offers a detailed and easy-to-track program that tracks the improvements of a child’s attention skills. Whether it is the daily tasks and exercises they are assigned or identifying the areas of attentional strengths and weaknesses that need to be focussed on. The tool can be used by parents to help them and their child's teacher to better understand the child's cognitive abilities.

TALi TRAIN - A game-based training for your kid

TRAIN is a training program based on over 25 years of research on cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychology. Proven to improve attention skills in clinical trials, TRAIN revolves around strengthening every child’s underlying attention processes. It strengthens a child’s ability to focus on a task and improves learning at school. It helps them concentrate while learning something new while avoiding distractions.

Child-TALi-Assessment-App-4TALi offers a fun and engaging attention training solution for children aged 3 to 8 years, and helps parents give their child’s attention skills a head start. However, a few general practices can benefit your child irrespective of their attention skills. One key practice that can help improve your child’s attention span is helping your kids find hobbies that will build their creative skills and help them focus better.

Playing games that engage and consume their energy and inculcating dedicated online interactions with their friends to foster their social skills, are small steps that play a big role in keeping your child engaged, thereby improving their attention skills.

Like the 2003 SARS outbreak changed the e-commerce industry, this pandemic that we continue to battle has shifted education and schooling functions. Tools like TALi are instrumental in this shift. They help you understand your child and their attention to detail better and provide tools to improve these skills and help your child in their growth and development. If you want to understand your kids’ attention needs better, Click here to get a detailed assessment from TALi.

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