Attention: The Key to Success

22 Apr 20213-minute read

Learning is a lifelong pursuit. It expands the horizons of one's imagination and the scope of one's potentials. From a nascent stage, education systems around the world have been emphasising the significance of learning and acquiring knowledge. And, when it comes to learning, attention is the first step in this direction.

Attention is essentially one's ability to actively engage and process specific information or task. It is limited in its capacity and duration, making it vital to have measures to effectively manage it.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, "Attention, in psychology, the concentration of awareness on some phenomenon to the exclusion of other stimuli." It has more to do with the immediate experience of the individual or their current state of awareness.

Everyone is adequately equipped with attention skills. However, being unable to pay attention both among children and adults is fairly commonplace. When it comes to education, students are required to focus on the lessons and instructions imparted by the teacher, or for adults, it's important to pay attention to the traffic signal.

The ability to pay attention is different in each individual. While it's easy to focus on things that capture our interests, it gets cumbersome when trying to pay attention to things that aren't very exciting. According to experts, emotions like feeling sad, depressed or anxious are a deterrent to paying attention.

While a century ago it wasn't possible, in 2021 technology is enabling people to manage their attention.

Every parent wants their child to excel in academics. Attention plays a strong role in other areas of life as well. However, harnessing the power of attention in the formative years can be beneficial and teachers, parents, and technology play a vital role in this. There is countless research that shows how improving or managing attention can help students enhance their academic performance. Considering the diversity in a classroom, it is unlikely that every child would learn and engage in unison. Individualised attention can be rewarding in this scenario. Today, technology is efficiently filling in the gaps by offering highly customised and engaging ways to enhance attention.

Technology, like TALi groundbreaking apps, is offering solutions like addressing the specific needs of every child and adjusting the pace of their learning. With a host of learning applications, there is scope to impact the acquisition of knowledge.

At present, the world is vastly divided in its perception of technology. While some believe the collective decrease in attention span is associated with the rise of technology, there are many who strongly vouch for tech that promotes attentions skill to improve productivity and academic performance. It is no longer a distraction, technology is offering numerous learning and education applications that help one focus, cancel distractions, and games to enhance cognitive abilities. These tools also help in mapping times of the day when the attention is the highest or lowest, giving students and teachers to effectively manage their attention and learning schedules.

The brain needs as much fitness training as the body. Regularly challenging the brain can enhance performance in all kinds of cognitive activities like tasks related to concentration and memory. The modern-day learning apps are fun and engaging as they offer vibrant and interactive content to boost learning. This is exactly how TALi's game-based attention training program has been designed to work.

The key ingredients here are the will to learn and an insatiable curiosity. These applications are replete with information in the form of e-books, infographics, podcasts, and videos that are enabling many in their academic pursuits. Technology is personalising education and offers engagement by cutting down on distractions. Dynamic content and interactive interfaces are not only offering knowledge but also an efficient way to manage attention.

TALi's brain-training technology has been developed with science to improve your child's attention


TALi offers an attention assessment app developed by leading childhood researchers at one of Australia’s top universities. Through a series of engaging, game-based activities parents can check their child’s attention and compare it to the normal range for their age. TALi’s digital attention assessment tool is free to use and is available to download for both Android and Apple tablets. After this, parents can enrol their children into TALi Train a proven 5-week program that uses interactive exercises to strengthen their child’s attention skills - designed for children aged 3-8.

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