Here’s how TALi is helping kids nurture attention and learning skills

21 May 20212-minute read
How TALi is helping to improve childhood attention and learning skills

The world can be a distracting place for children.

It is filled with sights, sounds, shapes, colours and objects that demand their attention and trigger their senses. With so much going on, many children find it extremely difficult and tiring to concentrate on one thing. In this digital age, children are also more susceptible to attention issues as gadgets, devices and smartphones become ubiquitous in households.

Unfortunately, lack of focus in children has often been dismissed as a part of growing up. Most parents and teachers assume that their attention spans will improve as they grow up. What many people don’t know is that early attention issues in children can have long and lasting effects. Apart from affecting academic performance, lack of attention skills in kids affects their ability to develop complex skills like memory, language, reading, writing and learning. It acts as a major roadblock in their lives, affecting other aspects like their relationships, mental health, and social skills. Parents and teachers, therefore, have a formidable task to keep kids focused in this disruptive age.


The good news is that children can be trained to develop their attention skills at the right age. It has been proven that intense childhood training can improve attention by strengthening underlying attentional processes, which in turn promote changes in cognitive skills and behaviour. To assist parents and teachers in training children on their attention building journey, renowned Australian tech company, TALi has done some ground-breaking research. Backed by an eclectic team of neuroscientists, software engineers, and game developers, TALi has come up with a complete solution to take care of rising attention deficit issues in kids aged between 3-8 years of age. After almost 25 years of research in developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience, it has launched two highly effective attention apps- TALi APP & TALi TRAIN APP.

How does TALi work?

To start off, one needs to download the TALi app from the Google Play Store. Parents and teachers can analyze and evaluate attention skills in kids by making them take six engaging tasks spread over a duration of 20 minutes. To encourage wider usage because of our current times, the TALi app attention assessment is free in India. After the assessment, parents can choose for their children to continue with a 5-week attention training course, which helps train their attention skills for better concentration, focus and learning abilities. These game-based tasks are a fun and engaging way for you to help improve your child’s attention and concentration.

To help parents track the improvement in their child’s attention, the TALi app also provides two personalised attention reports to parents. While one of them is a post-assessment report, the other one is a post-training report that is sent along with weekly email updates during the training. This goes a long way in helping parents understand how their kids are faring on a real-time basis. In fact, this data can be a very helpful report for teachers and healthcare professionals in tracking the overall cognitive performance of kids and in allowing them to make the best use of their potential.

TALi’s attention-inducing power has made it one of the most powerful and recommended learning apps in the world. 

For the longest time, attention has been defined as the ability to focus on things. However, achieving long-lasting attention goes beyond simply focussing on things and involves many other aspects that have deep implications in a child’s life. An app like TALi will, therefore, play a huge role in helping children attain their full potential by developing their cognitive skills. It has been developed with the right insight and information to keep children engaged and focused so that nothing they are learning on the app seems repetitive. Thus, TALi provides a huge opportunity for Indian parents to enhance the learning capabilities of their children by simply strengthening their attention span.

Download the TALi app for your child’s attention assessment.