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08 Jun 20212-minute read

Innovations across industries are affecting change. The world is increasingly moving towards a digital future. Novel technologies are dynamically shaping the education sector. From mechanical use to services and applications that are training the mind, technology has progressed rapidly. Today, one could see several applications that are dedicated to mindfulness and wellness. The demand for most of these applications is on the rise and they also help in enhancing attention.

For students who have been confined to their homes owing to the pandemic, these educational and learning applications are offering new dimensions of knowledge and experiences.

Today, around the world education is embracing technology to replicate classroom teaching into the virtual realm. In these unprecedented times, teachers are consistently reviving teaching methodologies to ensure that students do not miss out on their valuable education.

"All learning apps are meant for the growth of the child by increasing their attention span and knowledge. Earlier we used to have comics and books but now it's a digital world and children are more proficient in these apps. If used timely and properly, it increases concentration and mindfulness in children," says Dr Ashima Puri, a clinical psychologist.

"The learning atmosphere for the children has transformed from classroom learning to virtual learning. Apps make our lives more fun and easier. These days we have several learning apps for kids which help them in the process of learning new and interesting things. Educational learning apps and mobile apps are emerging rapidly as powerful learning tools for pre-schoolers and junior school students. Mobile education is a rapidly growing trend around the world," shares Harikesh Kumar, a schoolteacher.

According to Kumar, the most important advantages of these education and learning applications are 24-hour availability, interactive sessions, the ability to enhance classroom performance, and the resourceful utilisation of free time. These applications not only make children tech-savvy but also offer them enjoyable and informal learning experiences.

A fine mix of a healthy lifestyle, mental stimulation, and conducive environment to study along with social, emotional, physical, and cognitive activities enhance concentration. Today, numerous learning apps focus on offering mental stimulation and cognitive activities to boost attention and learning ability in students. According to experts, while technology is not only making education interactive and engaging, it is enhancing concentration among students in an unprecedented way. Most of these digital applications are dynamic and offer customised learning experiences.

"The flexibility of hours of study for students, with the recordings being available, to the varied platforms for virtual exchanges for the school admin bodies, the teachers too have worked upon their intellectual capital. Creativity is unleashed in the classrooms by the teachers by using several synchronous video discussion tools and web-based education apps, and with the help of infographics and multimedia, the classroom exchanges are made quite interesting," shares Arti Chopra, principal of a leading school.

According to experts, the 'new normal' of education is completely in sync with cloud technology. The entire nation has progressively worked towards ensuring successful dissemination of knowledge and conducting assessments across schools. "Today, there are many learning apps that are not only efficient but also enhance the overall cognitive development of the child that includes attention. Online apps are the need of the hour. Apps that are scientifically well-researched ensure positive results, but they cannot completely replace what children learn from offline sources. It is important that before using these apps, parents should go through the research studies of that particular app," says Renu Goyal, a child psychologist.

Technology in education has the potential to widen the imagination and enhance the learning abilities of students. It can help them grasp better its dynamic content and interactive sessions. Institutions around the world are integrating technology to make education seamless and accessible to every student.

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