Academic achievement
starts with attention.

Backed by more than two decades of scientific research, TALi’s digital attention assessment and training course has been developed to improve attention in children aged 3 to 8 years — a critical time during early development when your child is forming the ability to listen, learn and focus on tasks at home and in the classroom.

Research has shown that mastering these fundamental attention skills early in life can help to improve academic performance, behaviour and cognitive development.

  • 20 minute attention test@2x-1
    TALi app — FREE attention assessment

    TALi app — FREE attention assessment

    Evaluate your child’s attention skills in just 20 minutes — at home, school or another convenient location.

    This single session involves six fun and engaging game-based assessment exercises.

  • Unique-comprehensive-attention-report@2x-1
    Regular progress report

    Regular progress updates

    Visualise and track your child’s
    progress via:

    Two personalised attention reports (post-assessment and post-training);

    Weekly email updates.

  • 5 week attention training program@2x-1
    TRAIN 5 week attention training program

    TRAIN — attention training course

    Improve your child’s attention skills with five sessions per week, spread over five weeks.

    Each 20-minute session involves a series of fun and challenging cognitive training exercises.


Attention skills are learned in early childhood.

TALi’s digital attention assessment and training course provides the ultimate head start by strengthening cognitive function — the mental processes that allow your child to learn and understand from their experiences.

As your child progresses through the five-week course, you may notice a number of positive changes at home and school, and in social situations.


Improve attention and numeracy skills

Improve attention and numeracy skills

Support your child to focus on activities they may not naturally find engaging or stimulating, with exercises that use repetition of game-based tasks.

Attention reporting

Comprehensive attention reporting

Track progress in real-time and share results with your child’s healthcare professionals and teachers.

Reduce inattention

Reduce inattention and hyperactive behaviours

Equip your child with the necessary skills to form personal relationships and adapt in social situations, with exercises that encourage control of impulsive behaviours.

Supporting critical brain development

Early intervention to support critical brain development

Start training during early childhood at a time when your child’s brain is most actively forming new neural pathways and connections.

TALi success stories

According to a TALi survey, 93% of parents have noted improvements in inattentive or hyperactive behaviour in their child after completing the TALi attention assessment and training program.

My son uses an iPad well so he enjoyed the TALi app. It helped him to concentrate and he really liked the games — they kept him entertained and provided an educational experience. He wants to do the program again! I trust TALi and would recommend the app to other parents. 

— Harshat

I downloaded the TALi app after reading about it in the Times of India newspaper. I wanted to help my child to sit and concentrate. It’s a nice program for kids and delivers rapid results compared to other apps in the market. I have shared the TALi app with other parents.

— Deepti