Academic achievement
starts with attention.

Backed by more than two decades of scientific research, TALi’s digital assessment and training program has been developed to improve attention in children aged 3 to 8 years.

Our two apps — the TALi app and TRAIN — are designed to improve your child’s attention skills, which are so important for their ability to listen, learn and focus on tasks at home and at school.

Scientists have shown that the TALi program strengthens attention and can improve academic performance.  

  • 20 minute attention test@2x-1
    TALi app

    TALi app

    The TALi app uses six fun and engaging tasks to evaluate your child’s attention skills.

    It involves one 20-minute assessment session at home, school or another location convenient to you.

  • Unique-comprehensive-attention-report@2x-1
    Regular progress report

    Regular progress update

    Visualise and track your child’s
    progress via:

    Two personalised attention reports — one post-assessment and one post-training;

    Weekly email updates during training.

  • 5 week attention training program@2x-1
    TRAIN 5 week attention training program

    Cognitive training app

    TRAIN uses game-based cognitive training tasks to improve your child’s attention skills.

    It involves five 20-minute training sessions per week, for 5 weeks.


Attention skills are learned in early childhood.

By targeting attention skills during early childhood, the TALi digital attention program provides improvements in cognitive function — the mental processes that allow your child to learn and understand from their experiences.

As your child progresses through the program, you may notice a number of positive changes at home and school, and in social situations.


Improved attention and numeracy skills

Improved attention and numeracy skills

Repetition of game-based tasks teaches your child to focus on activities they may not otherwise find engaging or stimulating.

Attention reporting

Comprehensive attention reporting

Personalised data visualisations allow you to track progress in real-time and discuss outcomes with your child’s healthcare professionals and teachers.

Reduced inattention

Reduced inattention and hyperactive behaviours

Learning to control impulsive behaviours and emotional outbursts helps your child to form personal relationships and adapt in social situations.

Supporting critical brain development

Early intervention to support critical brain development

Cognitive training is most effective during early childhood when your child’s brain is most actively forming new neural pathways and connections.

TALi Success Stories

According to a TALi survey, 93% of parents have noted improvements in inattentive or hyperactive behaviour in their child after completing the TALi attention program.

When we first started playing TRAIN, Jake really loved it and was always keen to play. Weeks 3 & 4 were a bit harder to get him motivated but once he started he was fine. What I loved most about TRAIN was how much it would calm him down after school, which helped with his behaviour in the evening. Jake flourished at school during the 5 weeks of TRAIN and was often given ‘star of the day’ in class because of how attentive he was being. Overall, I would highly recommend the program to any school age child struggling to pay attention.

— Deana
Parent of Jake, a 7 year-old with ADHD

Like most parents, I suspect, we were already spread so thin that finding a program that helped — that I could do at home at any time that worked for us, as well as addressing the exact key concerns I was having — that made our decision easier.

The program is absolutely the best thing I’ve done for my child all year!  Thank you, I honestly can say the program works; you will just feel like you’ve had an amazing win or breakthrough, that lightbulb moment when you see the improvement! 

— Anita
Parent of James